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Recent Zoom events

Environmentalism in Israel - a talk by Sam Daniel from Greenpeace Israel on 7th October 2021, a KNM Green initiative event.  Click here for the recording.


Rescue in Sarajevo  –  a talk from Robert Stone on the Sarajevo Hagaddah and the remarkable story of the Bosnian Imam who saved it from the Nazis.  Click here for the recording (note, the first few minutes are missing).


Leadership at the Podium and the Bimah - conversation with Rebecca Miller, Chazan Jacky Chernett and Susannah Cohen from 11th March 2021.  Click here for the recording.


Frances Oppenheimer gave a talk on Tu B'shvat 2021 titled 'The Portable Religion - from the Land of Israel to Jews Everywhere'.  Click here for the recording.


Professor Jonathan Schorsch presented on 'Jews, Blacks, Race and Slavery in a World Becoming Modern' on Jan 24th, 2021.  Click here for the recording of this presentation. 

Professor Eva Frojmovic talked to KNM about the Polin Museum of Polish Jewry in Warsaw on Dec 3rd, 2020. Click here for the recording of this presentation.

Two talks in our 'Meat, Ethics and Kashrut' series were recorded:

  • What Is Kosher Slaughter? With the Masorti shochet Rabbi Shlomo Zacharow. Click here for the recording (part of the session only).

  • Lab-Grown Meat: Is it Kosher? With Rabbi Dr Ari Zivotofsky, Bar Ilan University and consultant to Israel’s Aleph Farms.  Click here for the recording of this session.


On November 8th 2020 we heard from Paul Gross on the (then) upcoming elections in Israel.

 Paul is a former member of KNM now living in Israel, and is a political commentator and writer. Click here for the recording.

The Kol Nefesh Desert Island Discs


Members of Kol Nefesh are interviewed about their life story and their favourite music.  And of course, the book and the  luxury item they plan to take with them to the Desert Island.   Cheryl Sklan interviewed: 

#1 - Chazan Jacky Chernett

#2 - Nahum Gordon

#3 - Dr Georgia Kaufmann

#4 - Michael Shapiro

And Shirley Fenster has interviewed

#5 - David Ostroff

#6 - Meira Ben-Gad

#7 - Danny Kalman

#8 - Cheryl Sklan

#9 - Gabi Peretz

Jay's podcasts


Jay Schlesinger has produced a series of podcasts in which he talks to members of Kol Nefesh about prayer, leading services and the music of the Yamim Nora'im:

Episode 1 - Gilead Limor

Episode 2 - Stephen Griffiths

Episode 3 - Chazan Jacky Chernett

Episode 4 - Rabbi Joel Levy

Episode 5 - Allan Myers

Episode 6 - Liz Preter

Music of the High Holydays


Recordings of some of wonderful prayers we sing during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, sung and recorded by Gilead Limor and by Barbara Borts.  

For more details about each piece of liturgy, including where they can be found in the Machzor, please see our dedicated page for these recordings, here. To go directly to the recording without the explanatory text, click the links below.

Unetana Tokef 

Ki Keshimchah


Ochila La'el

Haben Yakir Li

Kol Haneshamah

Malchuyot section of Rosh Hashanah Musaph

Zichronot section of the Rosh Hashanah Musaph

Shofarot section of the Rosh Hashanah Musaph

Kol Nidrei, sung by Chazan Jacky Chernett at our pre Yom Kippur Zoom 

Ya'aleh Tachanunenu (Kol Nidrei service)

Avinu Malkeinu (Alsace Lorraine melody)

Avinu Malkeinu (USA traditional melody)

Avinu Malkeinu (Janowski melody)

Labrit Habeit

Adonai, Adonai, El Rahum

Shema Koleinu

Mochel Avonot


El Nora Alilah

Akhat Sha'alti from Ps 27

Mima'amakim from Ps 130

Piano B&W