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In these sessions (all on Zoom) Nahum Gordon looked at the leaders who succeeded Moses and helped create the first Israeli state.  Here are the study materials Nahum used in these talks.  Recordings of these sessons will be included here.

JOSHUA (click here for the Zoom recording)

Allocation of the land to the 12 tribes of Israel

Significant Events in the Life of Joshua

Joshua in the Torah and Nach

Continuity from Moses to Joshua

Map of the 7 Canaanite nations

Conquest of Canaan by Joshua

DEBORAH (click here for the Zoom recording)

List of all Judges, their tribes and foes

Introduction to the Book of Judges and Deborah

Notes on Deborah

Mount Tabor

Map - Yael and Sisera

GIDEON (click here for the Zoom recording)

The Story of Gideon - Judges Chapter 6-8

Notes on Gideon

Gideon's battles

Photo of the Spring of Harod and Northern Israel

Photo of Givat Moreh and Har Gilboah

JEPHTHAH (click here for the Zoom recording - only 2nd half of talk recorded)

The story of Jephthah - Judges Chapter 10-12

Notes on Jephthah


The battles of Jephthah


International trade routes east and west of the Jordan 


The main international routes through Biblical Israel's territory

Jephthah v the Ammonites - the economics of land grabs

Jephthah and the Spirit of God

SAMSON (Click here for the Zoom recording)

The story of Samson

Notes on Samson

Map of location of all Judges

Map of the Valley of Sorek

Map of Philistine cities and conquests

SAMUEL  (click here for the Zoom recording)

The Judges

Resources for the study series with Nahum Gordon

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