Articles and Recordings by Rabbi Joel Levy

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Rabbi Joel has been teaching on Pirkei Avot at Kol Nefesh.  Here are some recording of these sessions:

Pirkei Avot Class on Zoom - Chapter 1 - November 19th

Pirkei Avot Class on Zoom  - December 3rd - Structure of the Mishnah 

Pirkei Avot Class on Zoom - Chapter 2,  Mishnah 8, part ii

Pirkei Avot Class on Zoom - Chapter 2,  Mishnah 8, part iii

A short series of videos from Rabbi Joel introducing the theme for our Yamim Noraim study in 2020 – the Noachide Laws. 

This first video introduces the topic. 

The second video discusses one of those laws, Blasphemy. 

The third video continues examining Blasphemy and looks at the wider question of relationships between our religion and non-Jews.   

As we entered Ellul 5780, Rabbi Joel created this video to discuss the importance of home rituals for a Yamim Nora'im that will be so different from all we have known before. 

Here are Rabbi Joel's Divrei Torah (sermons) for the festivals in 2020/5781:

Dvar Torah for Rosh Hashanah

Dvar Torah before Yom Kippur

Dvar Torah for Yom Kippur

Dvar Torah for Sukkot

Dvar Torah for Hoshanah Rabba, Shemini Atzeet and Simchat Torah

As Masorti in the UK continues to grapple with issues around Shabbat during this pandemic, this article looks at the conceptual (as opposed to halachic) issues about what is at stake; what Shabbat is for, why it matters, and how that impacts the debate on streaming on Shabbat (June 2020). 

A personal statement on Shabbat

An article by Rabbi Joel and Leon Wiener Dow about Pesach in the time of Covid-19 (April 2020). 

Corona and Seder-ing Alone