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We have a beautiful chuppah for hire!


Modern and bright, the chuppah is hand-painted silk in blues and purples on white. It sits on a 145cm by 145cm frame that is approximately 2m high. The frame is easy-to-assemble aluminium, which means it is both lightweight and strong. The frame is secured on four feet and is very stable. At the top of each corner post is a hook for hanging flowers. It comes supplied with gauze to wrap the posts and ribbons to decorate them.


The couple is responsible for pick-up and return of the chuppah from and to London NW1 by arrangement. There is a demonstration of how to set it up at pick-up.


In terms of payments, we ask for three separate cheques:

•  £30 rental
• £220 donation to the shul (which can be gift-aided)
• £800 refundable deposit which we would only cash if the chuppah is damaged or not returned.


To arrange to see or hire the chuppah please contact our administrator,

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