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Lifelong education is essential to us as Masorti Jews. We are proud of our unique programme at Kol Nefesh.

The following list will give you an idea of the learning opportunities we offer. For specific details about events and sessions coming up, see our calendar.  

Study on a theme with Rabbi Joel Levy. Our next series will start on November 8th on Tuesday evenings on Zoom.  Click here for details.


Chavrutah study - Mishnah Shabbat  

The Mishnah initiative is a rolling chavrutah-based learning programme for people who want to get up close and personal with the earliest source of Judaism's oral tradition. In addition to studying in chavrutah there is a once-a-month shiur with Rabbi Joel, 34pm on the first Wednesday of the month, on Zoom. Anyone can join at any time. Just contact the synagogue at


Yamim Nora'im (High Holiday) Retreat. This is a ten-day intensive period of study over the Yamim Nora'im, with Rabbi Joel and others. We choose a theme and develop it over the course of the ten days. Most of these sessions take place in the evenings, and all are open to the broader community. For Kol Nefesh, this is one of the highlights of the year.

Tikkun Leyl Shavuot. Another highlight of the year. Rabbi Joel leads us in study through the night, and then we pray the morning service to the break of dawn and the beautiful sound of birdsong.

Torah Chat. Each Wednesday evening from 7.30–9pm, a group of members meet on Zoom for a close look at the biblical texts, a verse or two at a time. At present we're working our way through the book of Bereishit (Genesis). All are welcome to join us.

Talmud Shiur with Rabbi Joel. Friday morning shiurim studying Talmud over brunch at members' homes when Rabbi Joel is here. (Currently on hiatus due to the pandemic, but may restart soon. Check for details.)


Sunday shiur with Rabbi Joel. On Sunday mornings when Rabbi Joel is here, we generally meet around 9am for Shaharit, followed by a shiur over breakfast. These may follow the broad theme for the year, or some other topic. For instance, we spent one year examining how the contemporary Conservative/Masorti movement decides halacha (Jewish law). (Currently on hiatus due to the pandemic, but may restart soon. Check for details.)

City Shiur. The City is an unlikely place for a shiur! Nevertheless, it is where a mixed bunch of interested people come on Fridays when Rabbi Joel is here to eat bagels and give their brains a workout. This shiur is unique in being only predominantly Jewish. Regular participants include Muslims and Christians, along with other Masorti and non-Masorti members. The conversations often take unusual tacks and have an openness and fluidity that make the trek into central London worthwhile. Contact for further details. (Currently on hiatus due to the pandemic, but may restart soon.)

Limmud. We can't claim Limmud is a KNM invention, but we love Limmud, and each year twenty or more of us trek to a cold Midlands venue to be re-invigorated by this incredible event. Chazan Jacky is normally there, and Rabbi Joel comes on alternate years. Whether we come as teachers, students, or schmoozers, this is a very special week.

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