COVID-19 Update

Weekly Programme 

This is our weekly schedule of regular virtual events:



8:00pm, Study with Rabbi Joel (click here for text)


11:00am, Coffee and Chat

6.00pm, Virtual Allotment 


8:00am, Shacharit, led by Rabbi Joel 

8:15pm, Ma'ariv 

8.30pm, Torah Chat  


3:00pm, Tea and Chat


Kabbalat Shabbat, 6.30pm, ending before Shabbat (see below)

We do not hold Zoom sessions on Shabbat.

For more information on the weekly sessions, see below.  For other events outside our regularly scheduled offerings, check the Kol Nefesh calendar or your weekly bulletin. To join our mailing list, contact us on  


You can join all open shul events  by clicking on this Zoom link,,

or by following the phone instructions and using 8079784899 as the meeting ID and 727721 as the password.

Click here for instructions on connecting to Zoom. 

This simple guide to Zoom meetings was put together by KNM member Maya Brooks.

Kabbalat Shabbat & Friday Night Programme 







Open Chat


Yedid Nefesh
A bit of leyening from this week's parashah  
D'var Torah  



Prayers for the community, the country, the State of Israel
Prayers for the sick
Mourners' Kaddish


Kabbalat Shabbat

We conclude Kabbalat Shabbat with the penultimate verse of Lecha Dodi, as the last verse of Lecha Dodi formally brings in Shabbat.  

During this period of social distancing to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic, we are suspending our weekly Shabbat services and all other face-to-face activities. We hope this suspension will be brief, but in the meantime, it seems the best way to keep our members safe and reduce the spread of the virus to vulnerable people in our community and around us. 


Our priority now becomes caring for each other, avoiding the isolation and anxiety that we may feel, and supporting people in need.  Further down this page are prayers for healing and safety.

On the positive side – we now have the opportunity to try out ways of gathering virtually for all sorts of purposes, including prayer, learning, socializing, and sharing our fears and concerns in a caring and reassuring space.

We are holding a regular virtual Kabbalat Shabbat service each Friday (see above). 


On Monday nights we are learning the "Bnei Machshavah Tova", "People of Heightened Consciousness" – a Chassidic work written by Rabbi Kalonymus Kalman Shapira (1889–1943), the Piaseczno Rebbe. This work was written in the 1920's before Shapira became the rabbi of the Warsaw Ghetto. The manuscript for this, his first work, was found amongst the rubble of the ghetto. The book is an instruction manual on how to forge deep religious experience in the midst of the distractions and tribulations of everyday life. Click here​ for the text.

On Tuesday evenings join us for the Virtual Allotment, KN's new gardening group. Join Mike Simmonds at 6pm to discuss what can be done with a bag of compost and Zoom.


Torah Chat on Wednesday evenings has also gone virtual. We're starting at the beginning again, with Bereishit. Bring a chumash and any thoughts you want to share! Torah Chat starts at 8.30pm and is preceded by Ma'ariv at 8.15pm. There will also be time to share a memory of someone whose yahrtzeit is being commemorated that week.   

We have two virtual social events each week, at 11am on Tuesday and 3pm on Thursday.  Join in by Zoom and share what is going on in your new life with the community.

For other events outside our regularly scheduled offerings, check the Kol Nefesh calendar or your weekly bulletin. If you're not on our mailing list and would like to be added, contact us on  

The recording of the virtual visit from Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg on April 18th is here, and the two papers by Rabbis Dorff and Nevins are here.

If you joined our Shavuot study program, the resources and a bibliography on the theme  of Democracy, Authority and Freedom are on our study resources page. 


Help and Resources

Pastoral support and welfare
Rabbi Joel's visits are currently on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. Rabbi Joel is in Manchester and can be reached on 07762 901197.

For general pastoral care and support, including for those caring for vulnerable family and friends, contact Rabbi Joel, 07762 901197 or, or Chazan Jacky,


Our welfare team, Tanya Novick and Helen Stone, are available to arrange practical help or other support at any time. Contact them via the convenor or admin emails, or (ask to be put in touch with Helen and Tanya). Or contact Liz Preter and Meira Ben-Gad, our convenors, directly via the convenor email, All requests will be treated confidentially.

Other resources

This link leads to a list of resources outside of Kol Nefesh, and some ideas for filling time with online content and activities from other Jewish organisations. 

Masorti Judaism

Masorti Judaism has moved all of their communal activities online.

  • Online portal: This is a one-stop shop for Masorti content over the coming months. We'll be uploading daily offerings from rabbis and other contributors and sharing links to live streaming and other content of interest.

  • Click here to see all of the Masorti UK online events including services, kids' events, study, etc. 

  • Facebook group: Join our new Facebook group, Masorti Together, where you can start discussion topics, share ideas, and keep in touch with other members of the Masorti community.

Prayers for Health and for Healing



Mi Sheberakh Imoteinu Sarah, Rivka, Rachel v'Leah,

Ve’Avoteinu Avraham, Yitzhak, v'Yaakov,

Hu yevarekh viyechazek otanu, veyaggein aleinu,

al kehiloteinu ve’al artseinu,

veyatsileinu vechol yoshvei tevel

mimagefah umikol pega ra.


Hu yishmor al kol ha’oskim betsorkei tsibbur be’emunah,

veyishlach refuah lechol hacholim


God, who blessed our ancestors Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah,

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, bless us and give us strength and resilience.


Shield us, our communities, our country, and all the inhabitants of the world from plague and disaster.


Protect everyone working for the good of the community, especially those engaged in medical care, in public health and in providing for our basic needs in hygiene, food and safety.


God, send healing to everyone who is ill. Help us to care for each other with sensitivity and kindness. Guide us in supporting everyone who is worried about vulnerable family and friends across the globe.


God, be with us and sustain our spirit, as it says in Your name in the Psalms,

Immo anochi betsarah,

I am with you in your troubles


and let us say: Amen


On Shabbat services we recite a prayer for healing, and we chant perhaps the oldest prayer in our liturgy,  El Na Refa Na La  -  אֵל נָא רְפָא נָא לָהּ, said by Moses for his sister Miriam.  This prayer can be chanted at home as well.  These two versions are sung by Cantor Jacky Chernett.  

El Na R'fah Na Lah
El Na R'fah Na Lah (with Echo)

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