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Our  Evening Study Programmes

Pirkei Avot

Pirkei Avot, sometimes known as the "Ethics of the Fathers", is a book of the mishnah (1st-2nd Century CE) unlike any other. The rest of the mishnah comprises early rabbinic case law; Avot is a collection of concise utterances by individual rabbis of that period containing their wisdom, advice and reflections on how to lead a good life. It is a fascinating and eclectic collection of great sayings that often feels very relevant for our own lives 2000 years later. In this short 5 part series on Tuesday evenings from 7:30-8:30 we will be looking at the fourth chapter of Avot in a collaborative, user-friendly way to see how the wisdom of the rabbis of the mishnah might speak to our lives too.

Session 1 - May 7th:  Ben Zoma on Wisdom.  Click here for the recording.

Session 2 - May 14th:  Ben Zoma on Power.  Click here for the recording.

Session 3 - May 21st: Ben Zoma on Wealth.  Click here for the recording.

A History of Classical Music
A new series from Allan Myers and Nahum Gordon looking at Classical Music from the 17th century to the 21st.

Click below for the recordings of each session
1.  Music of Tallis, Albinoni, Vivaldi and Bach (May 20 2024)

 Hing 4

Previous series

Halachic questions as windows into the soul of our Community


The tefila  pelach (services committee) has raised a number of questions about how we conduct our shared communal life. This short series of sessions addressed these questions, which  also bring to the fore some basic value considerations for Kol Nefesh as a community.

SESSION 1, Feb 8th: We definitely used to have a “ner tamid” – a perpetual light – in the past at KNMS! Do we really need one? What does the “ner tamid” represent? Is it ok to have one that you switch on just for shabbat? Is that still considered perpetual?  How does the value of things being tamid play out in Jewish writings?

SESSION 2, Feb 15th: Obligations around wearing a tallit, particularly on being called up to receive an aliya or leading the davening. Should clear communal norms or individual choice and comfort prevail?

SESSION 3, Feb 22nd: What are the issues at stake were KNMS to offer the first and second aliyot to a Bat Cohen or a Bat Levi?

SESSION 4, Feb 29th: There are different customs concerning when we ought to duchan; to have our Cohanim formally recite the priestly benediction during the repetition of the Amida. Which customs should KNMS follow?


Hachnasat Orchim (Hospitality)

A  2-part series with Rabbi Joel which took us through the Tanakhic and Talmudic sources on the subject of hospitality and welcoming visitors.

Click here for the recording of the 1st session on Feb 14th 2023

Click here for the recording of the 2nd session on Feb 21st 2023

100 Years of Popular Music

This series with KNM member Nahum Gordon focused on rock music, but also encompassed other genres such as the blues, country, rock and roll, folk, pop, Motown, soul, etc.

This started on Zoom in February 2023 with a look at some of the significant songs and performers between 1920 and 1949 and continued up to 2009 but has now ended.  All 38 sessions are recorded and the links are below.

Click below for the recordings of this series:

1.  Feb 20th 2023 - The 20's to the 40's

2.  Feb 27th - The 50's

3.  March 13th - The 60's (up to 1963)

4.  March 20th - The 60's `(64 - 65)

5.  March 27th - The 60's (66 - 67)

6.  April 3rd - The 60's (68 - 69)

7.  April 10th - 1970

8.  April 17th - 1971

9.  April 24th - 1972

10. May 1st - 1973

11. May 8th - 1974-5

12. May 22nd - 1976-7

13. May 29th - 1978-9

14. July 31st - 1980

15. August 7th - 1981

16. August 14th - 1982

17. August 21st - 1983 (January - July)

18. Sept 4th - 1983 (August - December)

19. Sept 11th - 1984

20. October 2nd  - 1985

21.  October 9th - 1986

22.  October 16th - 1987-1989

23.  October 23rd - 1990

24.  November 13th - 1991

25.  November 20th - 1992

26.  November 27th - 1993

27.  December 4th - 1994-1995 

28.  December 11th - 1996-1997

29.  December 18th - 1998-1999

30.  December 25th - The 60's revisited

31.  January 1st - The 70's revisited (1970-74)

32.  January 8th - The 70's revisited (1975-79)

33.  January 15th - The 80's revisited

34.  January 29th - 2000-2001

35.  February 5th - 2002-2003

36.  February 12th - 2004-2005

37.  February 19th - 2006-2007

38.  February 26th - 2008-2009


Exploring the poetry of the central texts of Shabbat prayer

The four services of Shabbat each have a unique Amidah, unlike weekdays when all Amidst share a common set of texts.  This series of study sessions looked at those unique prayers read on Shabbat 

8 November

Click here for the recording of this session

15 November

Click here for the recording of this session

22 November

Click here for the recording of this session

29 November

Click here for the recording of this session

06 December

Click here for the recording of this session

The source materials can be found here

All open shul events can be joined by clicking on this Zoom link,,

or by following the phone instructions and using 8079784899 as the meeting ID and 727721 as the password. 

Click here for instructions on connecting to Zoom.

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