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Meat, Ethics & Kashrut in the 21st Century

Is kosher meat produced ethically and sustainably? Should we give up meat consumption? Is lab-grown meat kosher?
Join us for a fascinating series on the dilemmas of eating meat in modern times.

With Rabbi Joel Levy & Guests

Tuesday evenings in the run-up to Shavuot:

6th April–11th May
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Sessions (all 8pm-9pm on Zoom):

6th April
Killing Animals for Food: A Concession to Human Nature?


13th April  
Kashrut: The Seven Restrictions on Meat Consumption 

20th April
What Is Kosher Slaughter?
With the Masorti shochet Rabbi Shlomo Zacharow

27th April
Why Eat Meat and Animal Products at All?

With a guest from the Jewish Vegetarian Society

4th May
Kosher Meat vs. Ethical Meat: A Dilemma?

11th May
Lab-Grown Meat: Is it Kosher?
With Rabbi Dr Ari Zivotofsky from Bar Ilan University and consultant to Israel’s Aleph Farms

Click here for the recording of this session.

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