Service Dates and Times

This year, Pesach begins on Wednesday night the 8th of April. We will not be holding services as usual, but see below for our programme during the Chag  

Sale of Hametz

According to Jewish law, one must not have any hametz in his or her possession during Pesach.  To accomplish this, we use up as much hametz as possible before the festival, we thoroughly clean our home, we check our home for hametz and symbolically burn hametz we find, and we recite a formula declaring any hametz that has not been found to be nullified “as the dust of the earth”. Finally, we sell any hametz we wish to keep over the festival to a non-Jew so that it will not formally be in our possession.


The Sale of Chametz will be done this year via the following link.

Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg will do the virtual sale on Tuesday so all forms should be submitted by Monday night 6th April direct.

Pesach News

The Pesach message from the President of the Board of Deputies Marie Van Der Zyl is here.

KNM Events

Rabbi Joel is hosting a Q&A on Pesach on Sunday April 5th at 11am on Zoom

There will be Havdalah after Shabbat Hol Hamoed on April 11th at 9:15pm on Zoom

Seder at a time of lockdown, and other Resources

Enjoy your seders!

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