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Mitzvah Day - November 27, 2016

Thanks to Adiel and Nikki Glantz, Mike Simmonds, and Louise and Paul Gold for some hard work with the Fryent Country Park Conservation Group. Louise, Paul and Mike undertook some traditional hedge laying, while Adiel and Nikki worked on scalloping an area of blackthorn.

Fryent Country Park is an area of lovely countryside in the middle of Brent with meadows and woods. A small group of volunteers meet every Sunday morning to help keep the area accessible for people to walk and enjoy. But there is always more to do than people or time to do it. So we provided some extra hands for the morning.

Meanwhile, thanks to Helen Stone and Miriam David for leading a wonderful session of singing at Sydmar Lodge together with Miriam, Jonathan and Sarah Burns; Kyla, Leah and Adam Greenfield; Nayna, Tia, Shona and Louise Gold; Caleb, Isla, Erin and Adele Silk; and Helen’s daughter and grandchildren. The children hand-decorated cards which they gave to the residents individually, which allowed for lots of conversations.

Well done to all who participated in these activities! Special thanks to Jeremy Kelly for general support, and a huge thanks especially to Maurice Gold for organizing the day!!

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