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Buteyko Breathing with Nikki Glantz, February 17th

It's January and you're exhausted, half-charged...

Maybe you suffer from asthma, ME, migraines, sleep apnea, ADHD, diabetes, MS, or mental ill health.

In this session, part of our well-being series, Nikki Glantz will introduce us to the classical Buteyko breathing method. Adherents argue that the method can reverse troublesome symptoms and help restore depleted energy.

Martha Roe, a Buteyko practitioner, will speak via video link-up about the method and answer questions.

Where: Nikki & Paul’s home. For more information, contact Nikki,

When: Sunday 17th February, 5–7pm.

Please book via Eventbrite, here.

There is no charge for this event.

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