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"I Heard there was a Secret Chord - How Music Shaped the Jews". A talk by Laurence Jacobs,

Jewish Music has many faces and is a cross-cultural phenomenon: the music of the wanderer. Jewish music is typified by cultural diversity, and draws upon the resources of the many cultures in which Jewish people have lived. Thus Jewish music is innovative, vibrant, adaptive, and many-sided, and yet rests upon a firm foundation of shared religious and communal experience.

In this talk Laurence will examine the complex relationship between music and Jewish identity. Laurence will share a wealth of fascinating stories about about the role music has played at some of the key points in Jewish history, spanning thousands of years from King David and the creation of the Psalms to composers writing for today. We will discover how the Jewish “thumbprint” influenced these composers. Laurence Jacobs comes from Cardiff and grew up in a musical home. He became a dentist and after he married Bebe, made aliyah and established a dental practice in Karmiel. After two years he returned to London and set up a dental practice there.

After retiring from dentinstry because of a disability in his hands, Laurence moved to Toronto, where Bebe had a position as Director of Education in a shul. Laurence became a chazan, a bar/bat mitzvah teacher and an actor. After six years he returned to London, where he became a vision therapist. Three years ago he made aliyah for the second time and now lives in Zichron Yaakov. His career includes professional opera and musical theatre, television and movies. He has given classical recitals and particularly likes the songs of Schubert and Bach. He is a member of the Nona da Camera Chamber Choir.

When: Sunday July 29th, 7.30pm

Where: Tanya & Mark's (please contact for the address)

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