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Our Autumn/Winter Programme 2020–2021

We have an exciting new series of Zoom events starting in November – something every day of the week!

Join us on Sunday evenings for a series of social events, a different offering each week. Each one starts at 7.30pm and will run till about 8.45pm.
Sunday evenings autumn 2020 draft 2.jpg


7:00am, Shacharit

Start your week on the right foot by joining us for a quiet introspective Shacharit on Monday mornings in the Zoom room. Please bring a traditional siddur.

9pm, A group for all parents 


6.00pm, Virtual Allotment 

Monthly on Tuesday evenings join us for the Virtual Allotment, KN's gardening group led by Mike Simmonds. Come along and find out what can be done with a bag of compost and Zoom. Rabbi Joel also participates and leads occasional teaching on agricultural laws in the Jewish tradition.

8:00pm,  Study with Rabbi Joel  

Rabbi Joel's sessions  on Judaism and Race have now finished.   From Tuesday 22 December these "rabbinics" sessions will begin a new theme: "Counting our blessings (in dark times)". We will look at the how the infrastructure of rabbinic blessings might be used to help us to see, experience and give weight to the positive parts of our lives.


8.00pm, Torah Chat

Torah Chat started at the beginning again when we moved online at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, with Bereishit. We move slowly through the text, drawing on traditional and modern commentaries, but mainly exploring our own ideas and responses. Bring a chumash and any thoughts you want to share.   


4:00pm, Tea and Chat: Pirkei Avot   

In these text-light and wisdom-heavy sessions we are continuing to read the wisdom literature of the Mishnah – Pirkei Avot: "The chapters of the Fathers". This book of the Mishnah tries to condense the life wisdom of the early rabbis into a few choice phrases.  


Kabbalat Shabbat (check our calendar for the start time)

We are now running a very brief, 45 minute programme on Fridays comprising 15 minutes of chat and a catch-up on the week, followed by a ~25 minute Kabbalat Shabbat service. We start about 45 minutes before Shabbat comes in and conclude before candle-lighting time. The start time will change every week so please check our calendar or your bulletins.

Saturday night (Motzei Shabbat)

Melaveh Malkah, from about half an hour after Shabbat goes out (check our calendar for the start time)

Our main community gathering each week is now taking place with a "Melaveh Malkah" (literally: "accompanying the queen"), which commences about 30 minutes after Shabbat goes out.


Just as Kabbalat Shabbat was instituted to joyfully welcome the "Sabbath bride", so the "Melave Malka" was conceived as a ceremony accompanying her out as she departs. Most of the main elements of our Friday afternoon gatherings remain, but with the leyening and d'var Torah already looking forwards, focussed on the upcoming week, and with music and songs to mark the end of Shabbat. Each gathering begins with Havdalah and lasts around an hour.

You can join all open shul events by clicking on this Zoom link,,

or by following the phone instructions and using 8079784899 as the meeting ID and 727721 as the password. 

Click here for instructions on connecting to Zoom.

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