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Kol Nefesh's Virtual Rosh Hashanah 

On this page you will find audio and video recordings of some of the special prayers of Rosh Hashanah, the readings from the Torah, and Rabbi Joel's D'var Torah for Rosh Hashanah 2020/5781. 

Scroll down the page for the different parts of the service in order – Shacharit, Torah reading, Rabbi Joel's D'var Torah, and Musaph.  Page numbers are provided for the Harlow and Lev Shalem Machzorim.


Harlow        Lev Shalem

p96             p44

p100           p63

 -                p70

p152           p93

p152           p93

See here for text

p162           p97

Zecher Yetsiyat Mitsrayim 20148008.jpg

Torah reading for 1st day

and Shabbat

1 (Bereshit 21:1 to 21:4)

2 (Bereshit 21:5 to 21:8)

3 (Bereshit 21:9 to 21:12)

4 (Bereshit 21:13 to 21:17)

5 (Bereshit 21:18 to 21:21)

6 (Bereshit 21:22 to 21:27)

7 (Bereshit 21:28 to 21:34)

Maftir (Bamidbar 29:1 to 29:6)

When 1st day is a weekday, the Torah reading is as follows:

1  Bereshit 21:1 to 21:4

2  Bereshit 21:5 to 21:12

3  Bereshit 21:13 to 21:21

4  Bereshit 21:22 to 21:27

5  Bereshit 21:28 to 21:34

Maftir is unchanged


Harlow        Lev Shalem

p168           p100

p168           p100

p168           p100

p170           p101

p170           p101

p172           p102

p172           p102

p180           p106

Harlow        Lev Shalem

p174           p103

p174           p104

p174           p104

p176           p105

p176           p105

p180           p106

D'var Torah

A Rosh HaShanah D'var Torah from Rabbi Joel – video

Study materials to accompany the D'var Torah can be found here.

Harlow        Lev Shalem


p240           p143

p242           p144

p254           p153

p258           p154

p258           p156

p266           p160

p274           p164


May You Be Inscribed in the Book of Life!​


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