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Service Dates and Times

This year, Pesach begins on Wednesday April 5th. See the Calendar for details of our Pesach services. Below is our programme during the Chag, information on selling your Hametz,  a beautiful recording of the Prayer for Dew sung on the 1st day of Pesach, and resources for your seder this year.

Sale of Hametz

According to Jewish law, one must not have any hametz in his or her possession during Pesach.  To accomplish this, we use up as much hametz as possible before the festival, we thoroughly clean our home, we check our home for hametz and symbolically burn hametz we find, and we recite a formula declaring any hametz that has not been found to be nullified “as the dust of the earth”. Finally, we sell any hametz we wish to keep over the festival to a non-Jew so that it will not formally be in our possession.


Kol Nefesh members and friends are invited to sell their chametz via Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg, senior rabbi of Masorti Judaism in the UK. Here is a link to the online form on the NNLS website  appointing Rabbi Wittenberg to act on your behalf in the sale of the hametz. The form should be submitted online by 5pm on April 3rd.

KNM Events

Join Rabbi Joel on Zoom on Tuesday March 28th at 7:30pm for a session titled "From Purim to Seder - why Purim must come before Pesach".  

Tefilat Tal (Prayer for Dew)

Listen here to this amazing rendition of this prayer sung by Ayala Gottlieb Alter and Yoav Oved, accompanied on the harp by Bonnie Scott.   This beautiful poem attributed to the 6th-century poet, Eleazar Kalir, pleads for the dew to come, and provide a successful harvest. Dew, as much as rain, was essential for the crop to grow.

The melody is composed by the modern British composer, Stephen Levey, to draw the  listener's imagination to the vast English countryside. The middle section is a short niggun (wordless melody), that Yoav introduced, to engage the congregants in participation and song. Together with the gorgeous venue provided by New London Synagogue, it was the perfect combination of serenity and spirituality. 

Seder Resources

Enjoy your Seders!

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