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Current articles on Masorti Judaism

June 2015

Leaders of the worldwide Conservative movement blasted Israeli President Reuven Rivlin Sunday June 7th for backtracking on a prior commitment to host a bar mitzvah ceremony for disabled children at his residence along with a representative rabbi from the Conservative community.

Feb 2015

Masorti Judaism has published this paper explaining why the UK Masorti rabbis have supported same-sex ceremonies.

Nov 2014

Once again, Masorti are discriminated against in Israel, this time by the Knesset Speaker. See an article here and here (on Ha'aretz, may not be able to view without subscription)

Feb 2014

Transfer of part of Western Wall to right-wing group to be blocked after Conservative and Reform groups protest Times of Israel

December 2013

Gill Caplin writes about Masorti Olami (Global Masorti) in 'Times of Israel'. "Conservative/Masorti Judaism has rejuvenated itself everywhere that Jews can be found. It will continue to do so." Here's hoping.

October 2013

Of course, the orthodox rabbinate has to question our kashrut.....

Go and buy wine from Rujum winery in Mitzpe Ramon.

February 2013

And now, Masorti wine

For the first time in Israel, a winery, (Rujum, the High Desert Winery near Mitzpe Ramon), has Masorti, not Orthodox, kosher supervision. The Masorti hashgacha (supervision) agreement also calls for a living wage for employees and transparency to assure that salaries and taxes are paid.

September 2012

How to find a flag for Simchat Torah that embodies Masorti values

August 2012

An excellent article in the Forward by Yizhar Hess on the lack of religious pluralism in Israel, an ironic comment on Israel's response to Germany's possible ban on circumcision

May 2012

'Masorti may boycott hotels that refuse to allow Torah scrolls to be used for mixed-gender services'. Should we also avid those hotels? Read the article

April 2012

'Modesty Police' threaten Masorti women in Mahane Israel, Jerusalem

Israeli Conservative Movement approves ordination of gay rabbis

’A very important development in Jewish law,’ says President of the Israeli Conservative Movement Rabbinical Assembly.

Shmaya - a Ritual & Educational Mikva in the Galilee

Article on a new mikva at Kibbutz BHanaton

March 2012

As the race for Chief Rabbi heats up, (a bit!) Rabbi Reuven Hammer reflects on a past Chief Rabbi who trained at the Conservative JTS

Jan 2012

An update on plans for a Masorti Primary Free School in Finchley in the JC

Peres is first Israeli President to visit Masorti event and praise both Masorti and Noam.

July 2011

"Truly being a Jewish State means that no Jew ought to be left behind or left out" - click here

An article on Rabbi Louis Jacobs, The Reluctant Renegade, by Elliot Jager

May 2011

Ugandan Jewry's links with masorti

Masorti israel Celebrates its 30th anniversary

February 2011

University tuition hike in Britain undercuts gap year programs in Israel

Article quotes Assael Romanelli, the director of Noam Drachim, the gap year program of the British Masorti movement, who told Anglo File he shortened the program from 10 to six months this year hoping to attract as many participants as possible. This year, 14 teenagers are on the program. “I’d be happy to get four kids next year,” he said. “I think this year, for all gap year programs it’s just about survival.

The Challenges facing British Jewry Not specifically about Masorti, but a welcome look at the overall Anglo-Jewish community by Leslie Wagner. Highlights the 14.8% increase in Masorti shul membership from 2005 - 2010, second only to the haredim. click here for article

Jews in Albania? An article from an unlikely source, (The Christian Science Monitor) about the Jews who survived the holocaust in Albania. Albania!!

Court end Discriminatory bus routes in Jerusalem

A good article on the Mehadrin buses in Israerl which were requiring women to sit in a segregated area - memories of Rosa Parkes? J Post Article

Masorti in France

March 2010 Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef a Masorti Jew?!? - and its not Purim. Article by Rabbi Andrew Sacks

January 2010

Kibbutz hanaton makes the news - and wins the "Where to send the wandering jew" competition. Article on Hanaton

November 2009 It couldn't happen anywhere except Israel - a woman arrested at Kotel for wearing a tallit and holding Torah!! Article from Ynet

Magen Tzedek - healthy kosher eating - but can it only work if it attracts non-Jews? By J J Goldberg From The Forward

October 2009 On how a Masorti Rabbi in Kiryat Bialik is the unofficial 'Chief Rabbi' - and what does this say about state monopolies on religion!

August 2009

July 2009 Jermey Rosen, an independent orthodox rabbi writes a brilliant blog on the current JFS case. July 8th blog

June 2009

Problems that a female member of the Noam Garin in Tsahal has had in trying to say kaddish

In Ivrit, listen to

Or read (in English) Jerusalem Post Article

May 2009

Conversion in Israel, by Rabbi Andrew Sachs Article

April 2009 The Count Not actually from a Masorti site, but an interesting take on the Omer. Article by Shlomo Gewirtz

Joseph and the four cups of wine? From this weeks Jerusalem Post

Feb 2009

Tu b'Shvat Article by Reuven hammer

A blog on religion and state in Israel, edited by Joel Katz, has links to some very interesting stuff. Not a masorti site, but worth looking at. Religion and state in Israel

Jan 2009

'Sociological differences explain division in Conservative Jewry' - differing viewpoints on homosexuality between Israel's Schechter Institute and American masorti? Article in Jerusalem Post

Saturday’s edition of the Guardian ran a review of Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg’s new book The Silence of Dark Water: An Inner Journey

Read it in full at:

Dec 2008 Yizhar Hess, the Executive Director and CEO of the Masorti Movement, wrote this article on the death of Orthodox Secularism in israel.

Oct 2008 An article from the NY The Jewish Week on post-denominational Judaism

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