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Voice of the Northern Soul - Kol Nefesh in Darlington

On the weekend of the 13/14th August, 16 intrepid members of Kol Nefesh journeyed north for a visit with the Darlington Hebrew Congregation. Rabbi Barbara Borts, the Rabbi of DHC, is a member of our shul - so this was a chance for us to visit her in her normal home while enjoying a break from the August routine in London. The visitors enjoyed a trip around the town and the railway museum on the Friday, and then joined DHC for Kabbalat Shabbat and Shabbat services, with Tisha B'Av services on motza'ei Shabbat. Some of the group came early to enjoy the local area during the preceding week.

Afterward, DHC member Peninnah Pappworth-McAllister wrote a lovely article about the visit, which can be found here:

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