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Return of the Kol Nefesh Chagigat HaChumash!

On January 13, during Rabbi Joel's next visit, we're excited to be relaunching KNM's traditional Chagigat HaChumash ceremony - a way for us to celebrate together with the families and children who will be marking their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs in the coming year. These young people will soon be formally joining the "People of the Book." In honour of this occasion, they will be presented with a Hebrew-English Chumash containing a modern commentary that we hope will be helpful as they enter their final year or months of preparations - and will remain a valuable and valued source of insights in the years to come.

The word "Torah" sometimes refers to the Ten Commandments, sometimes to the Five Books of Moses, sometimes to the whole Tanach, and sometimes to the whole of the rabbinic tradition. Rabbi Yehoshua Ben Levi went even further, declaring that the concept of "Torah" also includes "even what a diligent student will teach in the future before his master" [PT Pe'ah 17a]. As we offer a Torah commentary to each of our wonderful young members we eagerly anticipate hearing their "Torah" in a few short months!

The Chagigat HaChumash presentation will take place during or after the Torah service. Please endeavor to be at shul by 10:15am on that Shabbat.

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