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Bengali Cookery Workshop with Shahnaz Ahsan - Sunday May 13

Following on from the success of our Sudanese cookery demonstration and tasting in February, we're expanding our culinary horizons even further. We're pleased to announce a Bengali cookery workshop with Shahnaz Ahsan.

Here's a taste of the menu to be covered:

  • Puchka (puffed puris stuffed with chickpeas and eaten with tamarind)

  • Tandoori baked salmon

  • Roasted aubergine steaks

  • Tomato and spring onion lentils

  • Pilau rice

  • Bengali salad

  • Shemai (a Bengali lokshen pudding/kugel! Uses vermicelli noodles, ghee, milk and coconut)

The cost will be £35 per class member, covering 2.5 hours tuition and a meal. The workshop will be limited to 10 participants.

Shahnaz is of Bangladeshi heritage, was raised in Yorkshire, and proudly calls herself an East Ender. A professional food writer and founder of The Tiger Kitchen, Shahnaz has been cooking with love since she first learnt how to work a stove. Shahnaz also has a Kol Nefesh connection through the Bram family, having married Avi Bram (son of Hila and Aaron) last year!

Click here for Shahnaz's website.

Date: Sunday May 13.

Time: 11am to 1.30pm, followed by lunch for participants.

Location: A member's home in Totteridge.

Cost: £35 per participant.

Booking: Please register via Nicola at Payment can be made via bank transfer or cheque (contact Nicola for details).

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