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Lunch and Learn on Spiritual Wills with Holly Blue Hawkins - Shabbat December 30

Ethical/Spiritual Wills—History and Modern Trends Deathbed admonitions and blessings are a tradition ancient as Torah. Written ethical wills provide us with intimate historical glimpses into our shared history, dating back over a thousand years. Now often called a “spiritual will”, this evolving genre focuses not only on core values and hopes for future generations, but also provides authors an opportunity to reflect back on the peak experiences and lessons we have grappled with, and to drash on the story of our own life. Holly Blue Hawkins, one of KN's most geographically distant members, is a natural death care advocate, musician, and poet with twenty years of service in the community Chevra Kadisha of Santa Cruz County, California. She is co-editor of The Soul’s Legacy: Writing A Spiritual Will, with Rabbi Shohama Wiener, and author of The Heart of the Circle: A Guide to Drumming. Her experience in the field of life-death transition began in the 1980s with Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. She will be teaching at Limmud 2017. Holly will teach over a potluck lunch following services at the home of one of our members. Contact or for venue details.

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