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Songs of Israel - Concert with Yoav Oded, October 28th

Israel has seen a short and turbulent history since its independence. Though united under one state, its people are still characterised by cultural differences. The concert will explore Israeli identity through a series of 12 well-known Israeli songs drawn from Israel's two dominant Jewish ethnic groups, the Ashkenazi and Mizrachi.

About the artist:

Yoav is an Israeli musician currently living in London. He studied music at Royal Holloway and now performs as a freelancer in and around London. He sings at varied events ranging from opera to Israeli folk music and has performed recitals in London, Paris and Riga. In 2017 he was awarded the honour of singing ‘El Male Rachamim’ at the Holocaust Memorial Day Ceremony at City Hall, London.

This concert is being cosponsored by Kol Nefesh, as part of our 18th birthday celebrations, and by Masorti Judaism in the UK, as part of a special Israel@70 conference on October 28th. For more details on the conference and to book, go to

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