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Soul Talk: A visit with Sam Goodriche, Tuesday November 20

About 25 percent of IDF soldiers who experience combat will suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Soul Talk was established in March 2017 by Sam Goodriche, who served in a paratroop unit that saw action in Gaza. His idea was to offer a new proactive and innovative approach to PTSD.

Due to Israel's history of conflict, a number of highly skilled non-profit organisations are available to offer treatment and help to combat soldiers after their release - but awareness of them is low.

Many of these young Israelis celebrate their release from the army with a long trip abroad to "clear their heads". Many head for India ….but the issues resulting from combat service travel with them to India and remain upon their return to Israel.

Project Soul Talk will run an information centre in India to target these young Israeli travellers. Visitors to the centre will receive information regarding opportunities for assistance and help.

The centre will allow released combat soldiers to take the first crucial step in facing their post-army issues. It will provide a legitimate environment for discussion and interaction, effectively allowing visitors to understand that it is both acceptable and important to seek help.

Please come along to hear Sam's story and learn about Soul Talk on Tuesday 20th November, 8 pm, at the home of one of our members (contact for details).

For more about Soul Talk see their website, here.

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