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Values & Vision, Part 2 – 14th March

Back in November, we met as a community to celebrate and reconnect with the values of Kol Nefesh, and to work on our vision for the future. At this session we'll continue this process. We'll delve deeper into the workings of KNM and look at the areas we identified as needing work last time – particularly Inclusion, Kids & Families, KN's Green Policy, and Politics from the Pulpit. We'll analyse the challenges and create strategy for how to move forward as a community as we work on those areas.

Bring your voices, thoughts and reflections, and let's build on the foundations we already have in place!

There will be food (of course!) and activities for children, so everyone can attend.

When: Motzei Shabbat (Saturday night) 14th March, 6.45pm–9pm

Where: Leonard Sainer Centre


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