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This year, Shavuot begins on the evening of Sunday May 16th and we have a blend of in-person activities and Zoom sessions.  For a second year, we are unable to hold our acclaimed Tikkun Leyl Shavuot, but we will have services in shul on both 1st and 2nd day (see below, booking needed) and our traditional picnic and football in the park.  Instead of the normal Tikkun, we have a self-taught Tikkun on the theme of 'Food and Eating' . Keep reading for details. 

A self-taught Tikkun Leyl Shavuot.

Each year at KNMS we take a theme on Shavuot and develop it though the wee small hours of the night, hoping to gain new insights into some particular aspect of Jewish life. Following last year's special self-taught Tikkun Leyl Shavuot, this year too Kol Nefesh will be producing a booklet of sources and questions for members to learn through the festival – many thanks to Nahum for all his hard work! The booklet will be sent out during the week before Shavuot and it will include sources and questions on the theme of "Food and Eating". We would encourage everyone to observe the ancient tradition of learning Torah over Shavuot, especially on the first night when we seek to "repair" our ancestors' error of sleeping in late on the night before the Revelation on Mount Sinai and needing to be roused from their beds! Please take the source booklet and learn alone, in families or in small groups as permitted by current Covid restrictions.

Click here for the study booklet.

We will be getting together on Zoom before and after Shavuot with Rabbi Joel  to discuss the Shavuot theme.

Sunday May 16th, 4-5pm on Zoom: Pre-Shavuot intro to the booklet and an overview of the theme.

Thursday 20th May, 8-9 pm on Zoom: Post-chag reflections on this year's learning.

Picnic and Football in the Park


A Kol Nefesh Shavuot tradition!! Meet around 3pm in Stonegrove Park on the afternoon of the first day (this year, Monday May 17th). No particular football skills or knowledge required!

First- and Second-Day Shavuot Services

This year we have services on both days of Shavuot.  Services will start at 9:45 and finish around 11:15.  The service will be at the Leonard Sainer Centre, and we will be following our normal COVID-secure procedures (click here for details).

Sign in here to book a place at these services.

For venue details, please contact or  

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