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With the end of Covid-19 restrictions in the UK in sight, Kol Nefesh is planning to run in-person Yamim Nora'im services this year. Please watch this space for further information.


Also, stay tuned for details of our Ten Days of Learning and Reflection. This year, some sessions will be in-person and others on Zoom. The theme for this year's programme is The Individual and the Collective.


High Holy Day Resources Available Online

In 2020, we created a set of resources for those unable to attend services in person. These can be accessed as follows:


  • Rabbi Joel put together a series of texts and ideas for celebrating Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur at home. To learn how to Take the Yamim Nora'im Home, click here.

  • Click here for a virtual Rosh Hashanah service, including sections of the liturgy, recordings of the leyening, and Rabbi Joel's dvar torah for Rosh Hashanah 2020.

  • For a virtual Yom Kippur service, click here.  This includes Rabbi Joel's drashah from our pre-Yom Kippur 2020 Zoom as well as his drashah on Yom Kippur, and Chazan Jacky's Kol Nidrei. 

  • For those wishing to recite prayers for those departed, a copy of our Yizkor booklet can be found here.

  • Finally, click here to access a set of video and audiofiles we put together last year, including a series of videos from Rabbi Joel, podcasts by Jay Schlesinger about the High Holy Day liturgy, recordings of highlights from the liturgy by our Shlichei Tsibbur (prayer leaders), and more.  

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Blow Your Own Shofar!!

Daily Shofar-Blowing and Thought for the Day

Once again, during Ellul (August 9th–Sept 5th) we will come together on Zoom to hear the blasts of the shofar, together with a short piece of music from the Yamim Noraim, and an inspirational ‘Thought for the Day’.

All of the weekday Ellul zooms from 2020 were recorded and can be heard again here.

If you missed last year's Blow your own Shofar teaching session, you can watch the recording here: